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Tony GallagherProf Tony Gallagher: Shared Education and Why it's important: Watch the Video

Lisa McElhorronLisa McElherron: In praise of dissidents (the non-violent kind): Watch the Video

QAnne McMurrayAnne McMurray: How do you find the youness of you in your leadership: Watch the Video

Leon McCarronLeon McCarron: How I became an adventurer:
Watch the Video

CharoCharo Lanao-Madden: Shifting perceptions:
Watch the Video

Dace ThompsonDave Thompson: Barefoot Running:
Watch the Video

Steve MooreSteve Moore: Your Personal Best:
Watch the Video

Christine Burnett
Christine Burnett: Girls Can Change the World:
Watch the Video

Andrew Bolster
Andrew Bolster: How I learned to stop worrying and accept emergence: Watch the Video
Mark Woodman
Mark Woodman: Finding young tech talent that business needs: Watrch the video

Gypsey's Wish
Gypsey's Wish: Performance:
Watch the Video

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